Lined, Clad and Jacketed Pipework

Lined, Clad and Jacketed Pipework

Lined Pipe

Our lined pipes are essential for moving, conveying and processing highly corrosive fluids in severe conditions. Our lined pipes come with abrasion resistant properties using hard liner material which is essential to endure hazardous materials and environments.

The anti-corrosion properties of the liner material and strength of the carbon steel pipe combined means the pipes are able to withstand tough chemical environments. A mechanical bonding between the pipe and liner material ensures that they meet the very highest safety standards.

Available in different liner materials including PTFE, rubber, and glass/fibre reinforced plastic (GRP and FRP), our lined pipes are a cost-effective product suitable for non-critical applications.

Clad Pipe

Our clad pipes can be used to transport materials which contain dynamic stress, high-pressure and a high level of corrosiveness. They can be used for high temperature and high-pressure applications.

Clad pipes consist of a metallurgical bond between pipe and cladding material. This process consists of explosion bonding or welding cladding material to the pipe which enables it to resist corrosive materials.

This can be a cost-effective product, achieving a safe pipe system by simply cladding high strength carbon steel with high corrosion-resistant alloys.

Jacketed Pipework

Our jacketed pipes are optimally designed to maintain the temperature of the material flowing through.

Our jacket ports are usually around 3000 psig female NPT half couplings and are arranged 180 degrees apart.

The core pipe is welded to the bore of the flange. A full-length jacket is welded to the back side of the oversized flanges and a partial jacketed pipe has flanges that match the product line size.

Ports are available in three different sizes for different pipe lengths.

  • A ½-inch port is available for pipes up to 2-inches.
  • A ¾-inch port is available for 3-inch through to 6-inch pipes
  • A 1-inch port is available for pipes over 6-inches.

With our full in-house services, we can provide multiple options for inlay.


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